Design requirement


Manufacturing Principle

Standard oilfield construction regulations are followed in the manufacturing process and is in the principle of API Q1 Specs and ISO quality management system.

Mud tank flow lines

The drilling mud tank is normally configured with mud suction line, clean water line and mud gun line, and mixing tank with mud hopper mixing line. Heating line can be added for freezing cold working environment

Mud tank accessories

Each mud tank is provided with clean out gates with butterfly valve. Walkways and tank top covered with serrated galvanized bar grating or checkered plate. Fixed ladder to be provide for accessing the top of the mud tank

Materials of construction

Plate material, hot rolled bars and sections material and flange bolt / nut material are all sourced for top rated manufacturers and compliant to international standards.

Painting / protective coatings

Surface preparation: Sand blasting / shot blasting; prime coat specification / dry film thickness: 50 µm; intermediate coat / dry film thickness: 80µm; finish coat / dry film thickness: 50µm. Final colors is customizable.

Drive requirement and standards

Electric motors is recommended or customized against hazardous area compliance spec, speed control, starting, frame, demand power (kw). China CNEx / IECEx/ Atex / UL rated motors available for option.

Welding / testing / inspection

Complete with: Manufacture and assembly testing & inspection, Material testing, Workshop testing, Painting, Noise (if applicable)

Skid Mounted Drilling Mud Tank

Container Tank (Corner Fitting)

Trap Tank

Oil Tank

Drilling Mud Tank System Fabrications



√ Mud Mixing Unit with 6“ Hopper

√ High G force shale shaker

√ 10" Desander and 4" Desilter Hydrocyclones

√ 3 x 37kW Centrifugal Pump

√ 7.5kW Mud Agitator

√ Collapsible Catwalk for easy transport

√ Skid Mounted Mud Systems

√ Three compartments with 18m³ Mud Volume


Drilling Mud System


Mud system, basically drilling mud tank system, is a combination solids control equipment that is connected among mud flow lines configured on mud tanks. It aims to clean, recycle, mix and condition the drilling fluids in desired properties as per the drilling formation requirements. In order to meet with the ever changing drilling conditions and strict environmental issues, zero-discharge systems, closed-loop systems and drilling waste management systems are introduced to the solids control solutions. H-Screening keeps research and development on providing the state-of-art separation technique. We proudly design and manufacture the following mud system:

  • Standard Oilfield Three/Four Mud Tank System

  • Mud Mixing Tank, Mud Agitator Tank / Storage Tank 

  • Mud Cleaning, Recycling, Mixing Unit for HDD, CBM, TBM

  • Pile Drilling Desanding Unit

  • Water Tank, Oil Tank 


•Oilfield Drilling 

•Trenchless Constrution 

•Tunelling Boring 

•Dredging Slurry Separation

•Waste Water Treatment

•Environmental Dewatering 

•Foundation Construction

•Mining and Exploration 


•Solids handling projects

Customized Mud System for Your Applications

Each project is different, that is why we do NOT apply one-fit-all approach. We would analyse the project requirement and give the tailor designed proposal. From equipment configuration, tank design to electric control system, we always deliver the most satisfaction to our clients.

Drill Waste Management
Thermal Desorption System

System and Solutions

Solids Control System
Mud Cleaning System