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Reduces fuel consumption

As a combustion catalyst, XBEE’s action of improving fuel atomization and hyper-oxygenation of the fuel charge during combustion improves engine efficiency. Less fuel is needed to accomplish the same work.

The savings from using less fuel pays for the cost of treatment with XBEE, and all the other benefits, including reducing CO2 emissions along with reducing toxic soot, carbon monoxide, NOx, and SOx, are free.

With XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money.


Reduces maintenance costs


XBEE’s fuel purification benefits and the cleansing action of the entire fuel system, when coupled with XBEE’S improved combustion, prevents abrasive combustion chamber deposits and corrosive blow-by gases from contaminating the lubrication oil, and significantly reduces your fleet maintenance costs.

Companies burning heavy fuel oil 180 or HFO 380 will also be satisfied by the important reduction of sludge. The recycling and treatment of this sludge can be a quite expensive operation and the addition of the XBEE fuel additive helps to reduce this cost too.

The second step of this cleansing process results in maintenance savings. Once the XBEE fuel additive has cleaned up the tanks and engines, the financial impact is clearly effective:

  • increased intervals between maintenance services;

  • less frequent or even no need for tank cleaning;

  • extended life of fuel filters, injectors, pumps, exhaust valves, pistons, and rings;

  • no more tanks or injector cleanings;

  • less down time for engine maintenance and repairs;

  • lower oil and oil filter consumption;

  • reduced invoices!

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