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Scientists discovered a package of natural enzymes with specific effects on liquid petroleum-derived fuels; diesel, gasoline, heating fuel, marine diesel, heavy fuel oil, biofuel, and others. They have developed the formula for the additive now known as XBEE.

XBEE fuel additive cleaner, marketed in the Americas as Soltron, has been satisfying users throughout the world since 1995. They have been effectively treating their fuels in highly varied domains: public services and communities, railways, fishing boats, merchant vessels, and specialized watercraft, agriculture, public works, road haulage, public transport, etc.

XBEE Enzyme biotechnology is a liquid improvement agent for all fossil fuels, commonly called a fuel additive.

Enzymes are the most powerful catalysts found in nature. After many years of research, a team of scientists combined biotechnology and enzymes extracted from tree leaves to create the unique combustion enhancing technology used in XBEE.

XBEE is not a chemical fuel additive and does not damage engines or other mechanical components (see the Guarantees page).

Using XBEE means less water and sludge in your fuel, which reduces particulates that clog filters and cause fuel system deposits.

However, the enzyme biotechnology also means lower maintenance costs and fewer technical incidents. Lastly, it specifically means lower exhaust gas emissions, and therefore less pollution, and very often elimination of excess fuel consumption, whether for diesel, petrol, mazut/heating oil, marine diesel, heavy fuel oil (HFO/IFO) or even biofuels.

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