Stack Sizer – Five Decks
Stack Sizer – Two Deck

Stack Sizer

Stack Sizer – efficient, fine particle wet screening, high frequency vibrating screens
H-Screening Stack Sizer is purpose designed for efficient fine particle wet screening. It can be built up to 5 decks positioned one above the other in parallel and vibrate in liner motion. The compact structure save much floor space and installation costs. H-Screening Stack Sizers are widely used at mineral processing and industrial separation plants worldwide.


Features of Stack Sizer

  • Large treating capacity, small footprint

  • High screening separation efficiency improves product quality and downstream processes

  • Linear motion produces superior screening efficiency and maximum oversize conveyance

  • Less operation and maintenance costs

  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Reliable and durable design and structure

  • Low noise, small load, low power consumption, environmental protection

  • Corrosion-resistant ceramic, Linatex rubber sheet, polyurethane (PU) material are used to prolong stack sizer service life and decrease maintenance cost.

  • Easy mounting and removable parts make it convenient in installation, parts replacement and prolong stack sizer service life and decrease maintenance cost.

  • One slurry feed inlet is mounted on each deck by a flow divider system, which gives less load to the screen surface and prolong the screen working time; slurry is evenly spread to the screen, therefore increases more effective screening area and improves screening efficiency and treating capacity.

Operation Principle of the stack sizer
The stack sizer is consist of 5 fine screening decks, 5 flow inlet, and high capacity, long life Poly Urethane screen.

  1. The 5 screening decks with flow inlet is position one above the other, the flow divider systemdistribute the feed slurry to the five inlets evenly, the oversize particles from each of the screening decks discharge into a single hopper with a common outlet.

  2.  The high strength vibration motors generate up to 7.3 G’, it is ideal for fine particle wet screening separation.

  3.  Floating type vibrating screen deck and fully enclosed structure of vibrator make 95-97% of the vibration force onto the deck to screen the slurry.

  4.  The patented poly urethane screen is wear-resisting and anti-blocking, and achieve fine screening in high concentration slurry.

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Aluminum Dross
Chromium Ore

Iron Ore
Lead and Zinc
Mineral Sands

Resin Pellets
Rare Earth Minerals
Silica Sand
Tin Ore
Ore Uranium