Mud Gas Separator

Mud gas separator (also called poor boy degasser or gas-buster) is a vertical vessel which is used to remove undesired gas from drilling mud when it returns from the well while circulating mud in order to control the well. The mud gas separator is designed in multiple capacities, to meet specific drilling rig conditions.

  • High efficiency and easy to maintain

  • Large capacity

  • Easy transportation and installation.

  • Maximizes free gas/mud separation

  • Unique U-shaped tube design eliminates moving parts and ensures a positive fluid seal, maintaining safe mud levels

  • Efficient baffle arrangement to easily separate gas from fluid

  • Available in varying sizes and lengths, accommodating any volume of fluid with high concentrations of gas

  • Heavy-duty steel construction and adjustable mounting skid for any rig

Mud Gas Separator Specification
Fit to Your Drilling Applications

The mud gas separator is utilized where the amount of undesired gas was carried to the surface and does not interfere with the drilling fluid column, the separator provides effective gas control, venting gas at a safe distance from the rig and returning drilling fluid to the system in a controlled flow. When fluid passes over the separator baffles, gas escapes easily and is carried by the top vent line to the remote igniter where it can be burned off.

We can design and fabricate the poor boy in varying sizes and lengths to meet your specific drilling conditions.