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Drilling Cuttings Disposal Method and System

During the drilling process, drills will send particles and drilling liquid (also known as mud) to the surface. These solid particles are known as cuttings and when they first arrive at the surface of your drilling site will be mixed in the mud. With solids control equipment, the used mud can be separated from the cuttings so that the mud can be reintroduced into the drilling system so there is no waste or environmental impact. But what happens to the cuttings? In most cases they will need drilling cuttings disposal.

The Goals Of Cuttings Disposal

With drilling cuttings disposal there are two main goals that need to be achieved and both have the same solution. Before any cuttings can be disposed of, whether they are reintroduced to the environment or not, they need to have any mud and drilling liquid—which can be full of chemicals—removed from them. By eliminating any drilling liquid from the cuttings they can be disposed of properly and all of the mud can be recycled for efficient drilling.

Equipment Used For Drilling Cuttings Disposal

There are many different types of drilling cuttings disposal equipment and they typically work together to create a system that is dedicated to cuttings disposal. Some of the equipment that you will likely need are pumps that can transport cuttings from a centrifuge or conveyors that can send any cuttings away from mud systems. Cuttings will end up in a vertical cuttings dryer or a high G dry shaker that removes all of the liquid from the cuttings. Once the liquid is removed from the cuttings they can typically be discharged back into the environment. The liquid will be processed with decanter centrifuges.

Drilling Cuttings Disposal Equipment To Fit Your Needs

Drilling cuttings disposal is extremely important to pay attention to because it can be highly regulated and monitored depending on where you are drilling. As a result, H-Screening Separation has a wide range of drilling waste management and cuttings disposal equipment that is designed to reduce waste and make your cuttings safe for the environment and in compliance with any regulations.