Drilling Mud Agitator

Drilling mud agitator is a device mounted on mud tank for agitating the drilling mud to prevent the drilled cuttings and fine solids from sedimentation. Nearly every large compartment of mud mixing and storage tank should be equipped with mud agitators to maintain the proper properties  of drilling mud that will pump back to the borehole.

The oilfield mud tank agitator is configured with an explosion-proof motor, reduction gearbox, impeller, and shaft with assembly bushings. Canted blade impeller are commonly used.  Horsepower, mechanical configuration, impeller diameter, number of impeller and shaft length are customized to tank dimensions and maximum mud weights. Here is a list of our recommended configuration.

Both horizontal / vertical drilling mud agitator available for option.

Mud Agitator Configuration

Agitators Features

  • Helical-bevel gearbox

  • 5-30 HP available

  • Sized to process 20 ppg drilling fluid

  • By unitizing the motor and gearbox, weight and space requirements are reduced.

  • Customized configuration is available

Mud Tank Agitator

The mud agitator with canted blade impellers are introduced to most drilling mud tank system. The effective mixing and agitating performance help maintain proper mud characteristics. Our quality manufactured heavy duty and easy operation agitators are the best choice for your drilling mud tank agitation system.