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Sand Trap In Solids Control System

What is sand trap?

Solids Control system including solids control equipment and mud tanks. Mud tank is divided into several compartments depending on working requirement and sand trap is one of the compartments.

Sand Trap Compartment Function

A sand trap is the settling compartment located downstream of the shale shakers. It should be the only settling compartment and preferably should not be used in closed-loop systems. Its main function is to remove large solids that might plug the downstream hydrocyclones. With the fine screen capabilities of today’s shale shakers, the sand trap mainly servesas a back-up should the shakers be bypassed or operated with tornscreens.

Where is the sand trap located?

The sand trap should be the first compartment the mud enters after passing through the shaker screens. Since it is a settling tank, it should not be stirred and the mud should exit the sand trap over a high weir.

Sand Trap Compartment Design

The sand trap floor should have a 45˚ slope to its outlet. A 20 to 30 bbl volume is sufficient. A quick opening solids dump valve that can be closed against the mud flow is recommended to reduce mud losses. The sand trap should be dumped only when nearly filled with solids, since whole mud is lost when the sand trap is dumped (not oil based muds).