Dewatering Screen with Hyrocyclone

Dewatering Screen

Dewatering screen unit is a core equipment in tailings drying process. The dewatering unit consists of hydrocyclones, linear motion vibrating screen, slurry pump and attachments. Compared to the high investment and operation cost of pressure filter, the dewatering unit enjoys many benefits.



  • Compact design saves floor space

  • Cost less power

  • Large treating capacity

  • Long life PU screen, reliable performance

  • Easy operation and maintenance

This dewatering screen unit is an alternative to the pressure filter. The dryness rate of the slurry reach up to 70-80%, after dewatering process the water content is in 8-15%. The dryness can be conveyed, piled up or transported. It is a preferred product for tailing slurry dewatering application.

Operation Principle of Dewatering Unit

  1. Industrial slurry feed into the hydrocyclone by a slurry pump, the underflow of the cyclone follow onto the mesh screen for dewatering.

  2.  The dewatering shaker is operating in high frequency and small amplitude with linear motion vibration. The tailings are easy to form a dry cake.

  3.  The oversize concentrated tailings evenly spread on the screen surface, and discharge out of the screen by the linear vibration.

Dewatering Screen Image

The dewatering unit can work with thickener and small pressure filter to make it a complete solution to dispose the tailings in an environmentally friendly way. Here is a working procedure.