Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge is a horizontal solid bowl centrifuge with scroll conveyor inside. Our purpose designed drilling mud decanter centrifuge comes with high wear-resisting and excellent  corrosion-resistant performance. They are commonly used as oilfield solids control equipment for barite recovery and ultra fine solids removal. In closed loop mud system, the decanter performs as an efficient sludge dewatering centrifuge following chemical flocculation process  with automatic dosing system. VFD decanter centrifuges are often chosen to reclaim water and/or oil from drill cuttings in drilling waste management system.

Decanter Centrifuges for oilfield applications are often introduced to deal with drilling mud within active solids control system or waste effluent of drill cuttings. With middle speed decanter in operation, barite can be recovered and high speed decanter for the removal of undesired ultra fine solids.

Our purpose-built oilfield decanters are abrasion resistance, combine long life with capacity and performance, require less maintenance time and reduce down time.
Top rated explosion proof motors with approvals of IEC Ex, ATEX, UL for option for hazardous area, wired with 460V / 60Hz, 380V / 50Hz.





Solid liquid separation horizontal decanting centrifuge (Decanter Centrifuge for short), one of key machines for solid liquid separation, separates suspension liquid for two or three (multiple) phase materials in different specific weights by centrifugal settling principle, especially clarifies liquids containing suspended solid.

Such centrifuge applies to solid liquid separation of suspension liquids with solid phase particle equivalent diameter ≥ 3μm, weight concentration ratio ≤10%, volume concentration ratio ≤70% or solid liquid density difference ≥0.05g/cm . HSS has different series of decanter centrifuges with bowl diameter from 220 ~ 1100mm.The machine can be also sorted by bowl type, such as thickening, dewatering, classifying, clarifying etc., to be fit for different separations.













Key Component

Screw Drive

Screw Design

Separate Parts
8-12 degree small core angle
12-20 degree big one angle
Planetary Gear
Hydraulic Drive
Cycloidal Gear
Variable Pitch
Wear protection by hard alloy sheet a ceramic plate
Wear protection by hard surface


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Working Principle of Decanting Centrifuge

High dryness decanter can use limit space to fit together different stages of separation. 

Mixing and Accelerating Stage

Sludge and chemical mixes in the specially designed feed chamber and accelerates together. This prepares the sludge for best separation.

Clarifying Stage

The flocculants sediments inside the bowl under centrifugal force, the clear liquid flows out of the weir at the end of the bowl. 

Pressing Stage

Conveyor pushes the solid toward the discharge end. The sludge is further pressed by centrifugal force and the water comes out of the small holes of the sludge. 

Double-direction Pressing Stage

In the conical part of the bowl wall, the sludge is pressed by specially designed double direction pressing effect. The specially designed conveyor produces axial pressing force and water comes out of the tiny holes of the sludge. 

Control the Staying Time of Solid

In order to achieve best dewatering effect when flow rate or character of sludge changes, the solid content inside the bowl should be continuously controlled. This is controlled by the drive system of the conveyor. The drive system of the conveyor can measure real-me the solid content inside the bowl and adjust automatically, solid discharge torque automatically compensated.


Drive Technology

The reliable and excellent operation needs good cooperation of bowl drive and conveyor drive. Shanghai Centrifuge Institute researches good drive combination, which can be recommended as best design to suit different applications. 

Bowl Drive System

Alternatives includes: AC Motor + Frequency Converter AC Motor + Hydraulic Coupling Other Special Ways 

Conveyor Drive System

Alternatives includes: Frequency converter back or forward drive DVF multi-level planet control Hydraulic motor with individual hydraulic pump Other Special Ways

Drive combine example

AC Motor + Hydraulic Coupling Hydraulic motor with individual hydraulic pump AC Motor Frequency Converter AC trig Motor Frequency Converter AC Frequency equipment.

Rotary Drum Design