How many types of shaker screens?

There are numerous shale shakers fabricated by different solids control equipment suppliers. The screens come with the shaker are usually different in either dimension or screen structure. In order to choose the right screens suitable to the existing shakers, a general knowledge of screen types is required.
Flat Screen VS Pyramid Screen
Flat Screen (PWP) and Pyramid Screen (PMD) are commonly used to describe Derrick Shaker  Screen. The derrick shaker can install both types of screens. The flat screen is the traditionally type and cost less while the Pyramid screen is of new screening technology that can increase the fluids handling capacity and improve screening performance. The pyramid has higher effective area than flat screen by 20% to 40%.

Metal-Framed Screen VS Composite Screen

Frame screens are usually Metal framed screen is widely used and accepted by the industry. Since M-I Swacodevelops DURAFLO composite screens in 1998, some drilling contractors prefer to use this new screen as the composite material is more durable and lighter.

Hook Strip Screens

Vibrating Screens for classifying, sizing, straining, sieving, are typically secured by clamping rails that apply tension across the screening surface. The tension is applied through edge treatments on the woven wire cloth screen panel commonly referred to as “hooks” or “hook strips”. Proper screen tension is crucial for effective screening and longer screen life. Banded Hook edges increase strength (prevent flattening) and eliminate mesh pull-out on fine wire mesh or high tension screens. Hook Screens may feature a single layer of mesh or a double layer, where a coarse mesh serves as a backup to a finer top mesh, adding strength. A triple or sandwich type layered screen is also offered for specialized applications. Plastic reinforcing is used in multiple layered screens when it will contribute to screen life.

Standard Hook Strip Screen
Hook Strip Flat Screen
MI Scwaco Mongoose Composite Screen
Metal Frame Screen
Derrick Flat Screen
Derrick Pyramid Screen