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Polyurethane Screen

Polyurethane Screen

Polyurethane screen is a core part of fine mesh vibrating screen. It directly affect the screening efficiency and screening performance. Our patent designed one-piece molding screen surface serves in longer life, anti-blinding, non-leakage. It increases the mineral recovery rate, widely utilized in metal and non-metallic minerals processing applications.

PU Screen Specifications
  • Screen Size: 1045x700mm

  • Available with openings as fine as 0.075

  • Normal Service Life: 6-12 months

  • Material: Polyurethane Material

  • For High Frequency Vibrating Screen – Stack Sizer

  • High opening area of 32% – 42%

  • One-piece molding with fiber-reinforced technic prevents it from cracking increases the tensile strength and service life of mesh screen

  • Anti-blinding taper-shaped aperture design enhances screening performance and efficiency

For your Mineral Processing Applications

H-Screening Separation branded PU screens are the right choice for  fitting to your existing screening machines, please contact us if you are looking for custom polyurethane screens, we would be glad to assist you.

Polyurethane Screen Image